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Smart-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

Smart-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

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  • 1.Beautiful appearance: beautiful appearance, compact structure, small and flexible. Panoramic design, you can observe the operation interface and the state of the extraction bin at any time.
  • 2.Unique sampling design: drawer type extraction board design, free access to consumables, avoid pollution and accidents caused by operation obstacles.
  • 3.Easy to operate: user friendly touch screen operation, large screen color Chinese display interface, convenient key setting, easy to use
  • 4.Flexible program editing function, user-defined operation mode, steps, time, to meet the needs of different reagents.
  • 5.Safety protection: the automatic locking function of the extraction door ensures the operation safety; Fully enclosed design, built-in UV sterilization function, to ensure the biological safety of the laboratory.
  • Smart-32
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Product Description

Smart 32 automatic nucleic acid extractor Smart 32 automatic nucleic acid extractor can be programmed to enable the sample to be tested to automatically undergo lysis, nucleic acid magnetic bead binding, elution release, magnetic bead transfer, and separation under suitable conditions, so as to realize the separation and extraction of nucleic acid from the sample is simpler and faster than other nucleic acid extraction methods.

The instrument can extract 32 samples at the same time. The user can realize the functions of experiment program editing, experiment status monitoring, and UV lamp disinfection by simple operation of the touch screen.

It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast extraction and reliable results. Smart32 uses a special 96 deep-well plate as the extraction consumable, and the bottom of the deep-well plate is in full contact with the heating module, which greatly improves the temperature uniformity between the wells, thereby reducing the difference between the extraction wells.


Scope of application

Smart 32 automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument with corresponding magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction reagents can quickly extract DNA and IRNA from samples of animal and plant tissues, blood, body fluids, research, food, and pathogenic microorganisms.

The extractor is used for nucleic acid extraction and purification of biological samples, and is suitable for clinical testing, routine genomics, disease control systems, food safety, forensics and other fields.

Working modeAutomatic extraction
Extraction modeThe maximum 32 samples were extracted at the same time
Sample volumeThe maximum volume of sample can reach 600ul
Treatment volume20ul-1000ul
Treatment flux32 samples
Extraction board positionTwo 96 extraction sites
Temperature control range30℃~90℃
Recovery efficiency of magnetic beads>95%
Oscillatory mixingFast, medium and slow to meet different needs
Operation interfaceLarge screen touch operation, graphical interface, easy to use
Quick running program8 groups of fast running program, at least 2 clicks to start the experimental program
Instrument interfaceRS232, RJ45 and USB multiple data interfaces
Program managementCreate, edit, save and delete experimental program words
UV sterilizationsupport
Prepackaged reagentsupport
Extraction speed10 ~ 60 minutes / time (set according to the technical requirements of Extraction Reagent)
Rated power800VA
Operating temperature range10℃~30℃
Working humidity range≤80%
Overall dimension (L × W × H)435mm  × 340mmx 450mm