Sales to China

We are willing to assist you: sell high-quality goods or services to China through China's efficient Internet capabilities and mature logistics and warehousing systems!

Sales to China

Several Steps To Achieve Sales:

1. You need to provide company or individual introduction to let more people in China know about you;

2. You need to provide an introduction to goods or services, and we will publish and sell online for you;

3. After confirming the information, we will create a sales account for you, introduce your company or individual, publish your goods or services, and record each sales situation;

4. After the product or service is sold, we will continue to track the status of the product or service until it reaches the customer safely;

5. When the guest's payment has arrived in our account, we will deduct the sales commission after 14 days, and the corresponding amount of other expenses and warranty will be paid to your account;

Several Steps To Achieve Sales

After-sales Service

You are obliged to answer all questions about product quality and use. To facilitate communication, we can answer all questions about product quality and use raised by customers;

During the warranty period, due to quality problems, the customer has the right to return the product and get a refund;

When the guarantee deposit reaches a certain amount, stop deducting the guarantee deposit from each transaction;

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