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Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM6000
Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM6000
Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM6000

Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM6000

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  • 1.Intelligent and Efficient:Real-time view running state of the instrument with built-in LED lamp
  • 2.Easy Operation:Automatically load the magnetic sleeve;8.4 inch touch screen;5 preset programs; prefilled reagent kit to reduce the operation process and time
  • 3.Excellent Performance:Magnetic flux is up to 5500 Gs, avoiding the risk of magnetic beads from falling down; more 50,000 programs can be stored,only 12 min for extraction of 96 samples
  • 4.Safety and Reliable:Equipped with ventilation facilities and negative ;pressure exhaust function
  • 5.Equipped with HEPA filter and filter element to ensure the safety of operator;automatic UV sterilization reminder and shutdown
  • EXM6000
Zybio Inc

Zybio Inc



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Product Description

Nucleic acid isolation system EXM6000 can be widely used in scientific research, clinical diagnosis, disease control and prevention, food safety detection, forensic science and other fields. With the matching reagents kit of Zybio, it can quickly extract nucleic acids from different samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swabs, secretions, exfoliated cells, urine, sputum, stool and FFPE tissue. The nucleic acid extraction of 96 samples can be completed in 12 minutes, which can significantly shorten the whole PCR detection time



The isolation system uses the magnet on the experiment cabin to transfer the magnetic beads adsorbed with nucleic acid to different reagent wells, quickly and repeatedly stir the liquid using the magnetic rod’s tip to make the magnetic beads and liquid evenly mixed. After lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, magnetic beads transfer, wash and elution, high-purity nucleic acid products are finally obtained. The extracted and purified nucleic acid can be used in the following PCR amplification detection and construction of next generation sequencing library.






Technical parameters

Working principleMagnetic bead method
Process volume20 μL—1000 μL
Number of magnetic rod96
Recovery rate≥98%
Lysis temperatureRT~120°C
Elution temperatureRT~120°C
Mixing modeMulti-mode and multi-speed adjustable
Operation interface8.4 inch touch screen
Program storage capacity≥ 50000
Program managementNew, edit, save as, delete, support shortcut program
ConnectivityStandard USB, ethernet
Pollution controlUV sterilization
Exhaust wayBy fan
FiltrationHEPA Filter
Data storageAvailable, built-in SD card
Max. input power500VA


Provide complete pre-treatment solution for molecular diagnosis

Reagent kitSample typeSubsequent use
VirusSerum, plasma, urine, tissue fluid, swabs, secretionqPCR, hybridization, sequencing
BacteriaSerum, plasma, urine, tissue fluid, swabs, secretion, 
cell cultures, sputum, pleural effusion
qPCR, hybridization, sequencing
Whole bloodWhole bloodqPCR, hybridization, sequencing
FFPEParaffin section, frozen tissue section, fresh tissueARMS-PCR, qPCR, sequencing
StoolVarious solid or liquid stool samplesqPCR, hybridization, methylated PCR
Cell-free DNA*Serum, plasmaqPCR, high-throughput sequencing, digital PCR