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WE-We constantly select high-quality Chinese factories to join our website and enrich our products. Our website can display the latest progress of B2B orders, no matter where you are, you can control the status of the order.
We mainly serve wholesalers, agents and equipment manufacturers, provide R&D and customized services. At present, we mainly support the mass production and wholesale of hydraulic parts, agricultural machinery and parts, generator and engine. 
If you want to upgrade your old products and become a regional brand partner of high-quality factories in China, please contact us.

If Your Are Wholesaler And  Distributor

If Your Are Wholesaler And Distributor

WE-Betweeneastwest main products include hydraulic, agricultural machinery, generators and other accessories and equipment, which are directly provided by the best quality factories in China, with a complete range, preferential prices and guaranteed quality. If you have bulk demand, please contact us directly.

R&D, Customization

R&D, Customization

WE- Betweeneastwest integrates R&D, design and production, and has the ability to complete customized products for customers, meet application needs in special fields, and provide related technical support. WE has the capability of independent design, development and mass production. WE have developed successful cases in the hydraulic field. If you need to develop customized products, please feel free to contact us!





Research and development---free design drawings for customers according to the product requirements provided by customers



Mass customized production according to the product drawings, product parameters and other data provided by customers

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"WE" China Factory

    There are more than 190 major categories and more than 500 sub-categories in the world's industrial categories, but China covers all of them, becoming the "world's factory" with irreplaceable weight.
    Looking at the import and export of China's export trade in the past 40 years, from 1981, the total import and export value was 73.5 billion yuan.
    In addition, the Chinese government has given many resources support to enterprises, including export enterprises enjoying the export value-added tax rebate policy, which means that export enterprises can transfer the price difference to customers.
    "WE" Our website brings together various industrial cities in China. We are everywhere!

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Look for High-quality Factories in China to Negotiate Brand Regional Cooperation

  • Use your own brand, we OEM produce.
  • Use the brand of Chinese factory.
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