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Autra 9600 Plus Automated Workstation For Nucleic Acid & PCR Setup
Autra 9600 Plus Automated Workstation For Nucleic Acid & PCR Setup

Autra 9600 Plus Automated Workstation For Nucleic Acid & PCR Setup

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  • 1. Fast extraction:Pr-loaded plate with nucleic acid extraction reagent, extraction of 96 specimens in 10 minutes
  • 2. Automated Pipetting :Transfer of purified nucleic acids into 96 wells in 5 minutes Reduced manual operations and improved efficiency
  • 3. Effective decontamination: Built- in UV lamp to disinfect the inside of the workstation
  • 4. HEPA filter to absorb aerosol ; Bio-safety and little risk of cross-contamination
  • 5. Small and space economical: minimal dimensions so as to save space
Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co., Ltd



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Product Description

System Principle:

The principle underlying magnetic bead procedures involves negatively-charged


nucleic acids binding to magnetic beads reversibly,washing and elution.


Adsorption:Nucleic acids from sample are binded to the magnetic beads


Washing:Non nucleic acid components are removed


Elution Purified nucleic acids are released into the elution buffer





1. precision   

Repeated extraction and detection results of the same specimen for 20 times(concentration:300 copies/mL


2. linearity  

Extraction and detection result of the same specimen of different concentrations(concentrations: E7/E6/E5/E4/E3 Copies/mL)




Technical Specifications

Model#Autra 9600 plus
FunctionAutomated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup
Throughput1-96 specimens
processing Volume100-500
Running time(full plate)28min/run
96-deep-well plate1 strip
Extraction Methodmagnetic beads
Vortex MixMode&speed adjustable
Contamination preventionBuilt-in UV lamp, independent outbound air path with HEPA filterable to absorb nucleic fragments
Magnetic bead recycle rate0.95
pipetting channel8
Pipetting Accuracy1μ(%CV±5%)10μ(%CV±1%),20μ(%CV±0.8%)
power consumption200VA
Environmental conditionTemperature:10-40 Humidity:<85%

Compatible Consumables

ME-0092-96/384Viral RAN Extraction kit(for Auto-Extraction)96/384 reactions/kit
OCH0411Compatible pipettor96 tips/rack, 10 racks/set
OCH04120.5mL Screw Cap Microtubes50 tubes/bag