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Quantitative Real-time PCR System ZIP-96V
Quantitative Real-time PCR System ZIP-96V
Quantitative Real-time PCR System ZIP-96V

Quantitative Real-time PCR System ZIP-96V

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  • 1. User-friendly for first-time and experienced operators
  • 2. No ROX correction required preset projects, such as COVID-19, influenza A/B project
  • 3. Excellent optical system,use high efficiency LEDs light source, maintenance-free for life
  • 4. Unique test tube side day lighting technology, four-channel fast day lighting only takes 20s, automatically adjusts gain, improves the fluorescence signal sensitivity and signal to noise ratio
  • 5. Unique time-resolved signal separation technology, no multi-color crosstalk
  • ZIP-96V
Zybio Inc

Zybio Inc



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Product Description

Quantitative real-time PCR system ZIP-96V is 96-well real-time PCR instrument based on fresnel lens optical signal acquisition technology, time-resolved signal separation technology and unique temperature control technology

Advanced temperature control block

The high-level Peltier chip combined with a new generation of semiconductor heating and cooling technology greatly improves the heating and cooling rate, and the heating rate can reach up to 6°C/s

Six independent temperature control blocks improve the accuracy and uniformity of temperature control


Technical parameters

Basic parameters 
Dimensions (W×D×H, mm)425*320*205
ThroughputUp to 96 tests per run
Reaction volume20-100μL
Sample Format0.2ml PCR tube/
8-strip PCR tube/
96-well plate
Supported dyeChannel 1: FAM
Channel 2: VIC, HEX
Channel 3: ROX
Channel 4: CY5
Fluorescent channels4 detection channels


Optical system

Excitation light 
High efficiency LEDs
DetectorPhoto diode
Excitation wavelength460nm~480nm,525nm~545nm, 
Emission wavelength505nm~525nm,555nm~575nm, 
< 2%
Fluorescence linearr > 0.99



ApplicationsQualitative/ Absolute Quantification Analysis
Scan modeAll-channel scanning
Data exportExcel
ReportMultiple printing templates/ 
customized template



Thermal cycle technology

Temperature controlPeltier
Temperature control block6 blocks
Temperature range4~99°C
Heating rate> 2.5°C/s
Cooling rate> 2.0°C/s
Temperature fluctuation± 1°C
Temperature accuracy≤ ±0.5°C
Hot-lid temperature range30~110°C



Working Environment

Power supply100-240 V AC,50-60 Hz
Operating systemWindows 7/10
Working Humidity20-85 %