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ISEKI PZ80-AHDRT25 Riding Type High-speed Transplanter
ISEKI PZ80-AHDRT25 Riding Type High-speed Transplanter

ISEKI PZ80-AHDRT25 Riding Type High-speed Transplanter

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  • Automatic horizontal control.
  • Good passability.
  • Self-made engine, engine mid-mounted.
  • Increase and widen the visibility pedal.
  • Multi-function operating handle.
  • Unique Z rotation function.
  • PZ80-AHDRT25
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Product Detail Parameters

L(mm) 3174 W(mm) 2270
H(mm) 2455 Weight(kg) 860
Engine Type E3112 Power/speed(kw/rpm) 15.3/2300

International Standard Number


Product Description

PZ80-AHDRT25 Riding Type High-speed Transplanter 


1-Unique Z rotation function

The transplanting is automatically rising and reducing, planting seedlings, and marking automatically, with better intelligence and faster planting efficiency.

The function of the Z rotation function is that when the seedlings are planted to the ground, you only need to control the steering wheel to easily realize the automatic lifting, automatic planting and automatic marking of the planting department. The planting efficiency is higher, the planting effect is better, and the operation is better. simple.


①Automatic lifting

Through operation steering wheel, the transplanting unit will automatic lifting and cut down the transpanting clutch to stop transplanting during to turn around.

②Easy to turn around

During turning around,the  inner clutch at the rear wheels will automatically cut off,to turn around smooth with little muddy.

③Automatic transplanting

Interpolation section automatic decline after turn over.

④Automatic marker

After turning around,the transplanting units set down and mark automatically.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (11).png


2-Automatic horizontal control

The more advanced automatic horizontal control is more in line with the scientific transplanting of rice. The planting department always maintains a left-right balance, the left and right depths of the seedlings are always the same, no seedlings are floated, no missing transplants, no need to supplement the seedlings, the transplanting is more stable, and labor costs can be saved.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (6).png


3-Multi-function operating handle

One handle can control the rising and reducing of the transplanting height, the clutch of the transplanting, and the slightly reducing of the transplanting height. The operation is simple and convenient.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (7).png



4-Good passability

The front wheels have independent shock absorption, high ground clearance, and ultra-low gears for better wetland traffic.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (8).png


①The front wheels are independently shock-absorbing, which effectively reduces the swing and vibration during operation and improves comfort;

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (2).png


②The minimum ground clearance is high, and the passability is greatly enhanced;

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (3).png


③The ultra-low gear can further decelerate and increase the distance, making it easier to get out of trouble in wet fields and traps, and it is safer to get on and off the ridge or load and unload the truck.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (4).png


5-Self-made engine, engine mid-mounted

Self-made 21 horsepower engine, strong power, stable and reliable, unique engine mid-mounted technology, good safety.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (12).png


①It adopts the well-made engine imported from Japan, which has strong power, long service life and high reliability;

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (13).png


②The engine is placed in the center of the vehicle, the balance of the vehicle is reasonable, and the engine will not touch muddy water and affect its service life when getting up and down the ridge or the vehicle is stuck.

PZ80-AHDRT25 Transplanter  (1).png


6-Increase and widen the visibility pedal

The 2.99 square meters increase and widen the visibility pedal, which can monitor the path and place more seedlings.


Product ModelPZ80-AHDRT25(2Z-8A3)
Machine SizeL(mm)3174
Minimum ground clearance(mm)440
Machine Weight(kg)860
Travel SectionGearshift methodHydraulic stepless variable speed(HST)
Interpolation SectionLine Number of Interpolation(line)8
Spacing of Interpolation(cm)25
Distance of Interpolation(cm)25/22/18/17/16/15/13/11
DeviceInterpolation balandYes
Smart Computer BoardYes



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