LTB45 Automatic Metering Cleaning Machine
LTB45 Automatic Metering Cleaning Machine
LTB45 Automatic Metering Cleaning Machine

LTB45 Automatic Metering Cleaning Machine

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  • Good cleaning quality.
  • Complete configuration.
  • Easy to operate.
  • LTB45
Dongfeng Iseki Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd

Dongfeng Iseki Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd



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Product Detail Parameters

L(mm) 1050 W(mm) 660
H(mm) 1710 Weight(kg) 88
Working Efficiency(kg/h) 600~2700 Motor power(W) 750
Maximum Weighing(kg) 60 Way of gate open Automatic

International Standard Number


Product Description

1.Good cleaning quality

The low-vibration resin auger is used to reduce the damage to the rice and the cleaning quality is good.


2.Complete configuration

Large-scale instrument panel, the measurement value is clear at a glance, and the efficiency and the number of bags can also be displayed; the operation buttons are centralized and clearly visible.

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3.Easy to operate

Automatic gate, bag clamp, conveyor belt.

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Automatic gate: the rice bag is fixed, the gate will automatically open, and when the weight of the brown rice reaches the specified value, the gate will automatically close, making the operation easier and more convenient.

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Bag holder: easily fix the rice bag on the machine, easily replace the rice bag, convenient and worry-free operation.


Conveyor belt: The rice bag can be replaced by sliding, which is more worry-free.

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Product ModelLTB45
Machine SizeL(mm)1050
Motor power(W)750
Power(V)Three-phase voltage 220
Maximum Weighing(kg)60
Way of gate open/Automatic
Working efficiency(kg/h)600~2700


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