MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine
MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine
MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine
MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine

MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine

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  • High processing quality and high efficiency.
  • Good screening effect.
  • MGJ53
Dongfeng Iseki Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd

Dongfeng Iseki Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd



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Product Detail Parameters

L(mm) 2120 W(mm) 1170
H(mm) 1620 Weight(kg) 330
Working Efficiency(kg/h) 1500 - 2000

International Standard Number


Product Description

1.High processing quality and high efficiency

MGJ53: Peeling by centrifugal force, little damage to rice, high quality rice.

MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine (2).png

①Peeling through the gap between two rollers, the rice milling quality is high, especially for the processing of long grain rice, it has the advantages of simple operation and strong adaptability.

MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine (3).png


2.Good screening effect

The ultra-long screening plate (450*950mm) ensures long-term screening processing, and 9 screening plates ensure a large area of screening space, making the screening more thorough and efficient.

MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine (4).png


①Use the different proportions of rice and brown rice to select, the varieties are highly adaptable, and the selection is thorough.

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②Pigu automatic screening device: The rice pop-up device will automatically transport the Pigu back to the rice warehouse. The "restore" and "discharge" of the Pigu can be easily switched by a handle, and the screening of the Pigu is more thorough.

MGJ53 Rice Husking Machine (6).png


③Foreign matter screening device: The foreign matter mixed into the screening plate is completely blocked out to realize a stable screening environment.

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3.Main technical parameters


Product ModelMGJ53
Machine SizeL(mm)2120
Machine Weight(kg)330
PowerRated voltage(V)three-phase voltage 200
Rated power(KW)3.7
Equipment/Clearing device
/Dust collection device
/Automatic restitution device
Working efficiency(kg/h)1500 - 2000



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