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Fuel Pump Assembly For Mercedes-Benz M-Class W163 1998-2005 SUV E8389M

Fuel Pump Assembly For Mercedes-Benz M-Class W163 1998-2005 SUV E8389M

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  • OEM Part Number: E8389M
  • Application : Mercedes-Benz M-Class W163 1998-2005 SUV
  • Brushes: Imported German brushes, stable and durable.
  • We make 100% inspection for semi-finished product and finished product to ensure the quality of each motor.
  • Through dynamic high and low temperature test,thermal shock, Salt spray test,life test and vibration test,ensure each new product safe and reliable.
  • M1080901
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Product Detail Parameters

Product Weight (kg) 0.97 Length (mm) 390
Width (mm) 320 Height (mm) 200

International Standard Number


Product Description

Test: 100% tested and qualified.

Installation: Strictly processed in accordance with original factory standards, installation is simple and convenient.


Fit for:

Mercedes-BenzM-Class2005W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 350SUV3724ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2005W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 350SUV3724ccm 245HP 180KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2005W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 500SUV4966ccm 292HP 215KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2005W164 [2005-2011] SUVML 350 4maticSUV3498ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2005W164 [2005-2011] SUVML 500 4maticSUV4966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2004W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 350SUV3724ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2004W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 350SUV3724ccm 245HP 180KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2004W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 500SUV4966ccm 292HP 215KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2003W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 55 AMGSUV5439ccm 347HP 255KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2003W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 350SUV3724ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2003W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 350SUV3724ccm 245HP 180KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2003W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 500SUV4966ccm 292HP 215KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2002W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 55 AMGSUV5439ccm 347HP 255KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2002W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 320SUV3199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2002W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 500SUV4966ccm 292HP 215KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2001W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 55 AMGSUV5439ccm 347HP 255KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2001W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 320SUV3199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2001W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 430SUV4266ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2000W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 55 AMGSUV5439ccm 347HP 255KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2000W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 320SUV3199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class2000W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 430SUV4266ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class1999W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 320SUV3199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class1999W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 430SUV4266ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class1998W163 [1998-2005] SUVML 320SUV3199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)