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KJLS-I Smart étiquetage System

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  • Conception assistée par ordinateur, intelligente et fiable.
  • Basé sur Windows system et sa conception PnP.
  • 8 canaux de chargement permettent 8 types de tubes.
  • Un canal peut contenir 30 tubes.
  • KJLS-I
Jiangsu KANGJIAN Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu KANGJIAN Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd



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Paramètres de détail du produit

fréquence 50/60Hz Puissance d’entrée 300W
Vitesse de l’étiquette 5PC /min Taille de l’étiquette 31,50 mm
Type d’interface RS232 Type d’impression Impression thermique en ligne
Résolution d’impression 384dpi

Numéro standard international


Description du produit


KJLS-I smart labeling system is installed at blood collection windows for outpatient service and ward nursing work station. It’ s connected to HIS or LIS system and can get the patient information and testing items by reading the patient ID card. By one-touch operation, it can print out the barcode label with patient information and stick the label onto related blood collection tubes accurately. Intelligent labeling for specimen collection containers provides ideal software and hardware support for Standardizing specimen management and avoiding mistakes in manual operation. It's an essential tool for standardization, informatization and intelligentization in hospitals and labs.

1. Desktop design, smart and reliable. The whole system can work with only one labeling machine, or with more machines together, which is applied to any blood collection department in hospitals.

2. If the hospital need more than one labeling machine, all the machines can be combined together with the queuing machine to assign patients to all the blood collection windows with principle of "First come, first serve", then it can keep the blood collection process well-organized and accurate.

3. Based on Windows system and its PnP design, any medical staff can get adapted to the machine easily, which will greatly improve the working efficiency.

4. 8 loading channels permits 8 types of tubes, which provides the hospitals with more choice.

5. One channel can hold 30 tubes. This large capacity design can reduce the trouble of frequent tube loading.

6. Based on HIS/LIS system and special requirements of the hospitals, the labeling machine can choose right blood collection tubes automatically and avoid mistakes by human operation.

7. Premium moisture and wear resistant label carries out more precise and clearer barcode printing. Accurate label sticking position also can be guaranteed, thus the identification rate will be greatly improved.

8. Precise controlling on label sticking position can leave graduation lines or marks of the original manufacturing label uncovered, for easy observation of blood volume.

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