KJLC-II Mini centrifugeuse

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  • Moteur à courant continu.
  • Conception à haute tension.
  • Affichage LED clair pour montrer le temps et la vitesse.
  • Changement de rotor facile sans outils.
Jiangsu KANGJIAN Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu KANGJIAN Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd



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Paramètres de détail du produit

fréquence 50/60Hz Puissance d’entrée 40W
Puissance de sortie 16W moteur Moteur à courant continu
Mode d’exécution Horaire/continu

Numéro standard international


Description du produit


KJLC-II mini centrifuge applies closed-loop control technology and equips with high-performance DC motor. KJLC-II can be used in schools, labs and

hospitals. Equipped with various adapters, it’ s suitable for 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml micro centrifuge tubes and 0.1ml or 0.2ml PCR 8-strip tubes. It’ s widely used for micro centrifugation, cell separation, and rapid separation test.


1. High-performance DC motor, powerful engine, quiet when running, noise< 50dB.

2. Closed-loop control technology, accurate speed control.

3. Wide-voltage design to prevent interference to the running accuracy by mains fluctuation.

4. Clear LED display to show time and speed.

5. Speed and time adjustable for various lab experiments.

6. Big volume design, max. capacity up to 8×2ml micro centrifuge tube or 16×0.2ml PCR tube.

7. Rapid speed up and down. Less than 10s required to reach 10000rpm, and stop within 5s from 10000rpm.

8. Easy rotor switching without any tools.

9. Cover opening and closing supervision system ensures safe running.

1. Five colors available for the safety cover


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