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Synchronous Subsoil Fertilizer Spreader 2FCF-6 / 2FCF-8

Synchronous Subsoil Fertilizer Spreader 2FCF-6 / 2FCF-8

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  • Strong seedling adaptability.
  • Electronically controlled traumatic balance system.
  • Hydraulic power steering system.
  • Synchronous safety overload clutch design.
  • High-strength frame design.
  • Electric control seedling platform lifting system.
  • 2FCF-6
  • 2FCF-8
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Product Description

Synchronous Subsoil Fertilizer Spreader 2FCF-6 / 2FCF-8


1 - Strong seedling adaptability

It can plant both blanket seedlings and pot seedlings,which can meet different agronomic requirements.


2 - Strong field adaptability

For trapped fields in Northeast China and parts of Jiangsu, stone fields in Jilin.and hilly small fields in South China and other areas, SEEYES high-speed rice trans-planter all can be well adapted.


3 - Simulate manual hand insertion

When transplanting seedlings with planting claws, the seedling pushing mechanism simulates manual planting. The seedlings are forced vertically into the soil instead of the traditional ejection into the soil,ensuring that the seedlings stand upright. The planting depth is the same and the seedlings turn green.


4 - Electronically controlled traumatic balance system

When planting seedlings, the car body will tilt or shake,and the electronically controlled automatic balance system will automatically adjust the left and right level of the seedling platform to ensure accurate planting.


5 - Field soft and hard perception system

The central floating board can make seven-speed softy fine-tuning to the field surface and hard induction mechanism, which can adapt to different kinds of soil seedling transplanting requirements.


6 - Hydraulic power steering system

The high-pressure hydraulic power steering system can easily control the steering wheel even in the deep fields.


7 - Front axle transmission differential lock function

Enhance the reliability of steering and walking in trapped fields.


8 - Synchronous safety overload clutch design

When a group of planting institutions encounter foreign matters,the other groups stop planting at the same time,and then restart planting operations after removing the foreign objects. It not only effectively protects the planting department. but also avoids the missed inspection of a single group.


9 - The manual throttle and foot throttle linkage mechanism was successfully developed

It makes driving operation more convenient and more suitable for the driving habits of the pilot.


10 - High-strength frame design

It can not only carry more seedling trays, but also prevent damage to the vehicle when towing under extreme conditions.


11 - Turn on and turn off the front hood of the rice trans-planter at random

lt is convenient to observe, check, adjust and maintain the engine system.


12 - 40 liters large-capacity fuel tank design

Can effectively reduce the number of refueling and improve work efficiency.


13 - Electric control seedling platform lifting system

The raising and lowering of the seedling platform is realized by the switch control motor,and the walking and the raising and lowering of the seedling platform are controlled by one hand,which reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

Features of the rice transplanter.png


Product Model/2FCF-62FCF-8
Supporting rice transplanter model/2ZG-62ZG-8
Body size of fertilizer applicatormm620 x 2460 x 800
Structure type/Grooved wheel + air delivery type (side type)
Structural qualitykg45
Number of lines/68
Fertilization method/Lateral deep fertilization
Fertilizer discharge mode/Grooved wheel + air delivery type
Fertilizer Type/Dry granular fertilizer
Fertilizer adjustment method/Handwheel adjustable
Number of fertilizerapplication/14
Fertilizer amountkg/hm60-600
Transfer method/Cam rocker type
Fertilizer type/Grooved wheel
Fertilizer quantityPCS68
Fertilizer pipe type/hose
Opener type/Chisel
Opener quantityPCS68
Line stop mode/Each unit clutch
Fertilization depthmm50 ±10
Lateral distance of plant manuremm45±10
Fertilizer tank volumeL86(43x2)
Supporting powerkW1 ~ 3(Supply by rice transplanter)
Operating hour productivityhm2/h0.3-0.50.4-0.6
Anti-blocking, missing/Have anti-blocking, missing
application alarm device/application alarm device
Conveying device form/Forced air fertilization device
Equipped with forced fertilization device/Have