Progressive Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)
Progressive Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)
Progressive Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)

Progressive Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)

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  • The progressive centralized lubrication system is designed with LED control and monitoring and working cyclically.
  • After the amount is fixed by the single-low and single-line distributor, the grease supplied by the grease pump is delivered to all the lube points.
  • NLGI-0, NLGI-1, NLGI-2 grease available for this lubrication system
  • Progressive centralized lubrication system applies to mechanical equipment for construction machinery, metallurgy, harbor, wharf, ship, crane, woodworking, food, construction project, etc.
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Product Description

Progressive Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)


The value that autol lubrication solutions bring to you


Reduce maintenance and fault repair times, reduce parts costs, increase equipment operating time, and improve operating efficiency (Good lubrication can extend equipment maintenance intervals, reduce maintenance and repair failures, save maintenance materials, reduce equipment downtime, and improve operations effectiveness)


There are many centralized cubrication system matching methods for you to choose:


1- ALP811 Series of Grease Pump + Progressive Distributor (1 piece)


2- ALP811 Series of Grease Pump+ Progressive Distributor (2 pcs)


3- ALP811 Series of Grease Pump+ Progressive Distributor (3 pcs)


4- ALP812 Series of Grease Pump+ Progressive Distributor (1 piece)


5- ALP812 Series of Grease Pump+ Progressive Distributor (2 pcs)


6- ALP812 Series of Grease Pump+ Progressive Distributor (3 pcs)


7 - Other matching methods you need,please feel free to contact us.