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Nanofirst-3600B Type Integrated Atomic Force Microscope All-in-one AFM

Nanofirst-3600B Type Integrated Atomic Force Microscope All-in-one AFM

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  • Nanofirst-3600B is a cost-effective all-in-one atomic force microscope (AFM).
  • It has the advantages of stable performance, easy operation and strong practicability, and can realize high-resolution nano- and sub-nanometer tests.
  • It is especially suitable for the teaching of nanotechnology in middle schools and universities. It is also suitable for scientific research, nanomaterial and powder analysis, electrochemical measurement, biopharmaceutical and industrial field testing.
  • We has more than ten years of AFM technical experience and accumulation, and can provide timely professional technical support and after-sales service.
  • 3600B
Suzhou Howard Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Howard Electronic Technology Co., Ltd



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Product Description

Main technical indicators of Nanofirst-3600B AFM

1. Working mode: The basic scanning mode is contact mode and dynamic force mode, and the phase, friction force, magnetic force and electrostatic force modes can be expanded

2. Sample size: size≤φ30mm, thickness≤15mm

3. The maximum scanning range of XY: 10um~50um

4. Resolution: XY resolution 0.2nm, Z resolution 0.05nm

5. Movement range of micron mobile device: 0~5mm, minimum scale 10um

6. Sample approach: DC motor pulse drive, pulse width 10±2ms

7. CCD magnification: optical magnification 0.6~5 times, electronic magnification 20 times

8. XYZ scanning control: XY adopts 18-bit D/A; Z adopts 16-bit D/A

9. Data sampling: 14-bit A/D, dual 16-bit A/D multiple simultaneous sampling

10. Z-direction feedback: DSP digital feedback, feedback sampling rate 64.0KHz

11. Image sampling point: 512×512

12. Sine wave frequency scanning range: 20K~1000KHz

13. Scanning angle: 0~360 degrees, scanning offset is arbitrary

14. The maximum scanning rate: >40,000 points/sec

15. Computer interface: RS232/USB high-speed communication interface

16. Operating system: running on Windows98/2000/XP/7 operating system

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