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Euro III PH Is A Of Large Horsepower Tractor

Euro III PH Is A Of Large Horsepower Tractor

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  • 1.Engine is equipped with electronic-controlled injection technology. It will fully leverage the fuel,provide more outstanding fuel efficiency and cleaner emission.
  • 2.Equipped with 40+40 shift gearbox, providing more choices and meeting all kinds of requirements.
  • 3.Adoped with advanced electric hydraulic system, enhancing the products quality and control ability.
  • 4.New design of closed air-conditioning cabin and suspended shock absorption function with wide vision, convenient operation and better comfort, offering you enjoyment of driving.
  • 5.The panorama interior creates the first class of agricultural machinery;
  • Euro III PH1804
Shandong Wuzheng Group Co. Ltd

Shandong Wuzheng Group Co. Ltd



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Product Description

1. PH series,named as Renoman,,is high-end product launched by Wuzheng Group.It won the national attentions and favors by the users,by virtue of its excellent performance. Renoman is a series of large horsepower tractor.It adopts advanced leading technology of industry, satisfying the requirements for high power tractors.

2. The reasonable operation interface layout makes the working process all in control;

3. Advanced electronically controlled hydraulic lifting system, agricultural instrument adjustment is more accurate and efficient.



 Dimension (L×W×H)mm5750×2320( single tyre)×3210
mm5750×3600( dual tyres)×3210
Min. operating weightkg6330
Wheel track (front/rear)mm1935/1831(1677-2231)3018
Min. ground clearancemm395
Minimum turning radiusm7±0.3
EngineType/EI, vertical, in-line, 6 cylinders, water-cooling, four stroke
Number of cylinderscylinder6
Rated powerKW132.5
Rated speedr/min2200
Drive trainClutch/Electric control, wet, multi-disc, disc
Gear shift type Main transmission: synchronizer shift, auxiliary transmission: power shift
SteeringSteering type/Hydraulic steering
BrakeBrake type/Wet, multi-disc, disc
Walking deviceTire size (front/rear) 16.9-30/20.8-38(single/dual) 16.9R30/18.4R38( Radial tire) 16.9R30/18.4R38( Radial tire) single/dual




Working device

Suspension device type/Postposition three-point suspension
Suspension device category/Category Ⅲ
Tillage Depth Adjustment Draft and position adjustable, floating regulation, comprehensive adjustment
Hydraulic output device Multi-way valve output
Standard PTO speedr/min540(540E)/1000(1000E)




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