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Hydraulic Gear Pumps CBWKA-F3

Hydraulic Gear Pumps CBWKA-F3

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  • 1.Application of high-strength aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy to install
  • 2.Axial clearance automatic compensation mechanism, radial hydraulic balance, maintain the high volumetric efficiency of the oil pump
  • 3.Hydraulic gear pumps CBWKA-F3 Use self-lubricating bearings to improve the load capacity of the pump
  • 4.The connection forms of the inlet and outlet ports are available with thread, flange, etc.
  • 5.Input shaft connection form SAE spline
  • CBWKA-F3
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Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd



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Product Description

Hydraulic Gear Pumps CBWKA-F3 Outline Dimension



Hydraulic Gear Pumps CBWKA-F3 Specification(Roation: Right)

ModelNominal displacement (mL/r)Pressure (MPa)Speed (r/min)

 Volumetric efficiency


CBWKA-F304-AF    Φ*0420258002500300090141049.1101.5
CBWKA-F306-AF    Φ*0650.8105
CBWKA-F308-AF    Φ*0852.6108.5
CBWKA-F310-AF    Φ*10181453.8111
CBWKA-F312-AF    Φ*1255.6114.5
CBWKA-F316-AF    Φ*1658.8121
CBWKA-F320-AF    Φ*20201662.3128
CBWKA-F323-AF    Φ*2364.6132.5
CBWKA-F325-AF    Φ*25162066.3136


Hydraulic gear pumps(motors) order code




①Product code

② Pressure grade  A 1MPa B2.5MPa C 6.3MPa D 10MPa E 16MPa F 20MPa G 25MPa H 31.5MPa   Some models can be omitted

③ Number of tooth 2 3 4 5 6(ome models can be omitted)

④Nominal displacement(mL/r)

⑤Mounting A  Oval B  Square C  Rectangle T   Special

⑥Joining port L Screw F Flange  Special

⑦Shaft end P  Plain Key H  Rectangle spline Z  Taper shaft woodruff X  lnvolute spline φSAE  SAE spline B  Flat endT  Special shaft end

⑧Rotation L  Left R  Right  S bi-direction

⑨Pressure grade2 3 4

⑩ Solenoid valve function  O  normal open   C  normal close(Omited)  



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