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FP6G-15 Single Valve Distributor

FP6G-15 Single Valve Distributor

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  • 1.Built-in overflow valve: there is an overflow valve in the oil inlet body to adjust the system pressure
  • 2.Body structure: monolithic structure, single structure
  • 3.Valve stem neutral function: Q type
  • 4.FP6G*-15 series integral distributors are compact in structure, high in working pressure, easy to use and maintain, and are widely used in hydraulic systems of large and medium horsepower tractors and other machinery.
  • FP6G-15
Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd



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Product Description

Outline Dimension

FP6G-15 series integral distributor  .png



(Mpa)Nominal pressure 20
(L/min) Nominal flow rate90


Hydraulic valves order code

FP6G-15 series integral distributor  .png



① Product code

② Design code

③ Pressure grade E:16MPa  F:20MPa  G:25MPa  H:31.5MPa

④ Nominal displacement(L/min)10 15 20 25L/min

⑤ Joining port L

⑥ Spool returning  T spring  W ball  U hydraulic control   SD Manual+Electric hydraulic control

⑦ Block No 1 spool function

⑧ A(A port with overload valve) a( A port with oil filing valve)

⑨ B: B port with overload valve  b:B port with oil filing valve  

⑩ Block No.1 spool function

⑪ With pressure outlet,Omit:Without pressure outlet

⑫ Solenoid valve controls voltage  24V  12V

⑬ New type front cover structure

⑭ Speed limit flow rate



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