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DZ0604217 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor For LANCIA

DZ0604217 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor For LANCIA

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  • 1.We make 100% inspection for semi-finished product and finished product to ensure the quality of each product
  • 2. ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for FIAT
  • 3. The ABS sensor is typically located in each wheel hub/rotor on a four channel ABS system.Some rear wheel drive applications have the sensor mounted in the rear differential
  • DZ0604217




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Product Detail Parameters

ABORN PN DZ0604217 FEATURE ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
REPLACES ALFA ROMEO 46740217; 46811205; FIAT 46740217; LANCIA 46811205; APPLICATION FIAT

Product Description

1. Aborn is devoted to Crankshaft/Camshaft Position Sensor and ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for more than 14 years.

2. We make 100% inspection for semi-fished product and finished product to ensure the quality of each product.

3. Through dynamic high and low temperature test, thermal shock, life test and vibration test, ensure each new product safe and reliable.

4. The Hall-effect which we use is as same as OE sample, we buy from Allegro, Honeywell (USA)&Infineon, Melexis(Germany),etc; The brand of enameled wire is Elektrisola

5. The seal ring is Fluorocarbon rubber(proof-oil, Abrasion resistant, heat resistance)


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