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DFG*-15 Series Multi-way Reversing Valve

DFG*-15 Series Multi-way Reversing Valve

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  • 1.Built-in check valve: each working port can be equipped with a built-in check valve to prevent oil from flowing back
  • 2.Built-in overflow valve: differential or direct-acting overflow valve is installed in the oil inlet body, which has strong pollution resistance performance
  • 3.Additional valves: At both ends of the reversing body, different pressure overload valves, supplementary valves, and stop valves can be added to different ports according to customer needs
  • 4.Valve body structure: chip structure, any combination within 1~8 groups
  • 5.Valve stem neutral function: Q, O, Q1
  • DFG*-15
Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd



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Product Description

The DFG*-15 series multi-way valve has the advantages of compact structure, high working pressure, good performance, reliable work, and can realize the floating of the actuator, and adds a mechanical pilot hydraulic lock in the neutral position of the elevator control unit. Widely used in hydraulic systems of large and medium horsepower tractors.


Outline Dimension

DFG*-15 series multi-way valve .png



(Mpa)Nominal pressure 20
(L/min) Nominal flow rate50
Spool stroke(mm)O:8+8  Q: 5+5+5
Weight(kg)4+2.6n(n Is the number of commutation bodies)


Hydraulic valves order code

DFG*-15 series multi-way valve .png



① Product code

② Design code

③ Pressure grade E:16MPa  F:20MPa  G:25MPa  H:31.5MPa

④ Nominal displacement(L/min)10 15 20 25L/min

⑤ Joining port L

⑥ Spool returning  T spring  W ball  U hydraulic control   SD Manual+Electric hydraulic control

⑦ Block No 1 spool function

⑧ A(A port with overload valve) a( A port with oil filing valve)

⑨ B: B port with overload valve  b:B port with oil filing valve  

⑩ Block No.1 spool function

⑪ With pressure outlet,Omit:Without pressure outlet

⑫ Solenoid valve controls voltage  24V  12V

⑬ New type front cover structure

⑭ Speed limit flow rate


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