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DCDB*-15 Series Multi-way Reversing Valve

DCDB*-15 Series Multi-way Reversing Valve

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  • 1.Built-in check valve: each reversing body has a built-in check valve to prevent the oil from flowing back
  • 2.Self-locking valve stem: prevent the forklift mast from vibration caused by the negative pressure inside the tilt cylinder
  • 3.Lowering protection solenoid valve: only after opening this solenoid valve, the control of the lowering operation is effective
  • 4.Additional valve: two ends of the reversing body, an overload valve or a supplement valve can be added as required
  • 5.Valve body structure: chip structure, any combination within 1~10 groups
  • 6.Valve stem neutral function: A, Z, O, Y, etc.
  • DCDB*-15
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Product Description

The DCDB*-15 series multi-way valve is used for electric forklifts, which not only meets the requirements of forklift lifting, tilting, and attachment control, but also adds a drop protection solenoid valve and an emergency manual switch valve.

This valve can realize the automatic protection of the forklift mast system after the operator leaves the forklift, and can completely avoid potential safety hazards caused by misoperation. The valve is also equipped with a self-locking valve stem to prevent possible vibration of the forklift mast due to the negative pressure inside the tilt cylinder. And when the engine is turned off, the tilt cylinder is locked to prevent the forklift mast from tilting forward by mistake, which may cause safety hazards.

The DCDB*-15 series multi-way valve has the characteristics of complete functions, advanced performance, compact structure, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is mainly suitable for small tonnage forklifts, small loaders and small excavators.It can also be used in the hydraulic systems of other lifting and transporting machinery, mining machinery, and environmental sanitation machinery.


Outline Dimension

DCDB*-15 series multi-way valve .png




(Mpa)Nominal pressure 20
(L/min) Nominal flow rate65
Spool stroke(mm)7+7
Weight(kg)1.65+2.9n(n Is the number of commutation bodies)


Hydraulic valves order code

 DCDB*-15 series multi-way valve .png



① Product code

② Design code

③ Pressure grade E:16MPa  F:20MPa  G:25MPa  H:31.5MPa

④ Nominal displacement(L/min)10 15 20 25L/min

⑤ Joining port L

⑥ Spool returning  T spring  W ball  U hydraulic control   SD Manual+Electric hydraulic control

⑦ Block No 1 spool function

⑧ A(A port with overload valve) a( A port with oil filing valve)

⑨ B: B port with overload valve  b:B port with oil filing valve  

⑩ Block No.1 spool function

⑪ With pressure outlet,Omit:Without pressure outlet

⑫ Solenoid valve controls voltage  24V  12V

⑬ New type front cover structure

⑭ speed limit flow rate


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