All-Round Subsoiler Machine 1SQ-180

All-Round Subsoiler Machine 1SQ-180

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  • 1.Applied imported all-round subsoiling shovel and special heat treatment process are used, good wear resistance and long service life.
  • 2.The surface of the deep shovel is scientific optimization design, the subsoiling resistance is small.
  • 3.It is designed with safety bolts. When encountering obstacles such as stones, stumps, etc., cut the safety bolts to avoid damage to the subsoiler or tractor.
  • 4.The shovel head of the shovel shovel is symmetrical in the front-back direction. When one end is worn, the head can be turned to use the other end, which extends the service life of the shovel shovel.
  • 5.All-round curved deep shovel, without turning the soil, the ground is level, and the wall protection effect is good.
  • 1SQ-180
Shandong Aolong Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Aolong Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



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Product Detail Parameters

Model 1SQ-180 Dimensions(mm) 1710x2330 X134O
Supporting power (kW) >73.5 Deep loose shovel structure type All-round curved
Number of deep shovel 4 Working width (cm) 180
Deep loose depth(cm) >30

Product Description

1. Suppression wheels flatten the surface, without damaging the surface, which is good for retaining walls.

2. .The deep loose shovel is arranged in several rows in front and back, with good passability and no congestion.

3. The series of all-round subsoiling machines produced by the company are the latest products successfully developed on the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad.

4. Deep pine can break the bottom of the plow, which is conducive to the growth of the root system of the crop, improves the soil permeability and the ability to store water and protect the wall, so that the soil forms a good state of coexistence between the virtual and the real, and promotes the sustainable development of agriculture.


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