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Wheeled Tractor CFA300 Crown A Series
Wheeled Tractor CFA300 Crown A Series

Wheeled Tractor CFA300 Crown A Series

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  • 1.Utilized in plowing, rotary tillage and transportation.
  • 2.Strong power, high ground clearance.
  • 3.Adjustable wheel track.
  • 4.New type fuel filter
  • 5.Optional device: Belt driving power take-off device.
  • CFA300
Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Holding Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Holding Co.,Ltd



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Product Description

1. Changfa Crown A series tractor (horsepower ranging from 25 to 50) adopts 9F plus 3R side shift.

2. New design, Luxury model with beautiful appearance and works perfectly in both muddy field and dry land, meeting the demand of ploughing, rotary tilling and transporting work.

3. Large volume rotational tank gives long time running, Safety Frame, Sunshade and Drivers Cab



Engine model:CFA300
Engine type:Three-cylinder、vertical type、 cycle water-cooled、four-stroke、direct injection
Engine Rated Output (KW):22.1
Rated Speed (r/min):2400
Wheel Base (mm):1622
Front Wheel Track(mm):1010~1210(Common 1010),Alternative 1150~1450(Common 1250)
Rear Wheel Track(mm):Step adjustment:1035~1406(Common 1210), Alternative step-less adjustment:960~1300 or 1000~1530(Common 1200)
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm):335
Rated Traction (kN):5.2
Tire Size(Front Wheel) (inch):5.00-15
Tire Size (Rear Wheel) (inch):9.5-24
Minimum Using Weight (kg):1120
Clutch:Dry、monolithic、often joined、single acting
Gearbox:9 font gears + 3 reverse,Sliding gear shift
Center Transmission: 
Final Drive: 
Steering System: 
Type of Brakes:Dry、Hoof type、alternative dry type、disc brakes
Driving Speed (km/h):forwad 2.62~37.62(Alternative shuttle shift maximum speed 39.59km/h),reverse 1.99~7.98
The Maximum Lifting Force at the Low Suspension Point of 610mm (kN):7
Type of PTO Shaft: 
PTO Speed (r/min):760,Optional 540 or 1000