No-Till Fertilization Seeding Machine 2BMF

No-Till Fertilization Seeding Machine 2BMF

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  • 1.Complete multiple operations such as rotary tillage, sowing, fertilization, mulching, cracking, and ridge building.
  • 2.Wide adaptability to crops: it can sow wheat, corn, soybean and other crops.
  • 3.There are many types of gearboxes: there are two-speed gearbox body, small box body, middle box body, high box body and large box body. They adapt to tractors of various power take-off shaft heights.
  • 4.One machine with three uses: no-tillage fertilizing seeder, rotary tiller, rotary seeder.
  • 5.Deep application of chemical fertilizers improves the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers. Save fertilizer and reduce costs.
  • 2BMF-18/9
Shandong Aolong Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Aolong Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



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Product Detail Parameters

Model 2BMF-18/9 Supporting Power(kw ) ≥58.8
Dimensions(mm) 1570 x 2580x1150 Operating Hour Productivity(h㎡/h) 0.6 ~ 0.86
Line Spacing(mm) 120+140 Seeding rows (rows)Seeding Rows (Rows) 18
Fertilizer rows (rows)Fertilizer Rows (Rows) 9 Working Width (mm ) 2340

Product Description

1. Sowing wide seedlings. Good ventilation and light transmission, enhance the ability of crops to resist lodging, and improve crop yields.

2. The anti-wrap knife seat is welded firmly, so that the knife shaft is not entangled with grass.

3. The passability of the tool is strong, and the ditching device is not congested.

4. Shandong province no-till fertilization planter designated production enterprise Jointly developed with Shandong Agricultural Machinery Extension Station