Low Temperature Circular Paddy Dryer

Low Temperature Circular Paddy Dryer

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  • 1.Flexible and efficient heat source, multiple heat supply is available.
  • 2.Maximum air volume and low temperature drying technology is introduced to this machine (the air temp is around 40-60℃)
  • 3.To ensure the products in good condition and to improve the dehydration efficiency,the grains will be heated in a very short time and then to be tempering for a long time.
  • 4.Easy to operate, high degree of automation, the multi-point safety interlock device is also introduced to this machine
  • 5H-10
  • 5H-12
  • 5H-15
  • 5H-20
  • 5H-25
  • 5H-30
Hunan Chenzhou Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hunan Chenzhou Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.



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Product Description

Main technical parameter 

Installed capacity Capacity (t)5 ~ 105 ~ 105 ~ 157 ~ 2010 ~ 2510 ~ 30
Power (kW)
Air intake (m2 / h)10000~ 1400010000 ~ 1400010000 ~1400012500 ~ 1400020000 ~ 2500020000~ 25000
Dimension(L*W*H)mmThere is a lower auger2175*3590*104352175*3590*110452175*3590*122653450*4580*142303525*4440*135003525*4440*14720
No lower winch3045*3095*116603045*3095*122703045*3095*134903370*4580*152604215*4440*146504215*4440*15870
Net weight(t)
Energy consumption13~1513~1513~1520~2530~3530~35
performanceFeeding time (min)50~6050~6050~6550~6550~6550~70
Discharging time (min)50~6550~6550~7050~7050~7050~75
Percent of moisture removed %/h0.5~10.5~10.5~10.5~10.5~10.5~1
FuelHusk; straw;wood; peanut stalk, corn cob(stalk) and other waste biomass.diesel, kerosene, natural gas, steam, etc.
Safty DeviceThermal relay, Air pressure switch, Full quality alarm, Timer ON/OFF, Control fuse, Overload protection device, Temperature sensor, Abnormal overheating

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Rice, wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley, corn, soybean, mung bean, broad bean, red bean, black bean, sorghum, millet, rapeseed, sunflower seed, etc.

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