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HCZTF-120 Series Muti-way Reversing Valve

HCZTF-120 Series Muti-way Reversing Valve

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  • 1. Built-in hydraulic lock: The hydraulic lock ensures that the internal leakage of the actuator meets the needs of users
  • 2.Built-in one-way throttle valve: the one-way throttle valve can reduce the closing speed of the hydraulic lock to avoid negative pressure in the cylinder and improper contraction
  • 3.Set the safety valve: control the maximum pressure of the valve group in the working process
  • 4.Set the overload valve: the overload valve guarantees the overload protection and safety of the actuator in the working process
  • 5.Body structure: overall structure
  • HCZTF-120
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Product Description


The characteristic of HCZTF-120 series multi-way valve is to control the on-off of the five-linked oil circuit of the working part through an oil inlet and return selector stem, simplify the structure, reduce the occupied space and reduce the weight of the valve body. Select the valve stem to be the spring return mode, the operator will reset when he leaves his hand, and cut off the working part

The oil circuit ensures safety; the working valve stem is in the steel ball positioning mode, which is controlled separately, and the operator can still work normally without the operator. Single or multiple oil cylinders can be selected to work at the same time; one cavity of the oil cylinder is connected to the A and B ports, The other cavity is connected to the H port,

A total of ten groups of actuators can be controlled, providing users with diversified choices. When the valve group is not working, the entire flow from P to V is directly supplied to the next valve group, reducing energy waste to a minimum.

The HCZTF-G120L series multi-way valve has the characteristics of complete functions, advanced performance, compact structure, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is mainly suitable for the vehicle chassis of many construction machinery, such as truck cranes, concrete pump trucks, aerial work trucks, etc. Horizontally stable working platform mechanical. It can also be used in the hydraulic systems of other lifting and transporting machinery, mining machinery, and environmental sanitation machinery.


Outline Dimension

 HCZTF-120 series multi-way valve  .png



Nominal pressure (Mpa)25
 Nominal flow rate (L/min)




Choose Spool stroke(mm)8+8
Work Spool stroke(mm)6+6


Hydraulic valves order code

 HCZTF-120 series multi-way valve  .png



① Product code

② Design code

③ Pressure grade E:16MPa  F:20MPa  G:25MPa  H:31.5MPa

④ Nominal displacement(L/min)10 15 20 25L/min

⑤ Joining port L

⑥ Spool returning  T spring  W ball  U hydraulic control   SD Manual+Electric hydraulic control

⑦ Block No 1 spool function

⑧ A(A port with overload valve) a( A port with oil filing valve)

⑨ B: B port with overload valve  b:B port with oil filing valve  

⑩ Block No.1 spool function

⑪ With pressure outlet,Omit:Without pressure outlet

⑫ Solenoid valve controls voltage  24V  12V

⑬ New type front cover structure

⑭ Speed limit flow rate




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