Mode of Transport

We have three modes of transportation to choose from; railway transportation; air transportation; sea transportation
  • air transport

    Air transport [air transport; airfreight; airlift; air transportation] is also called air transportation. Generally, the goods are urgently needed. If the road transportation cannot meet the time limit required by the customer, the customer will choose air transportation. Air freight has won a considerable market with its fast, safe, punctual and ultra-high efficiency, greatly shortening the delivery time, and has played a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain.

  • Rail transport

    As railway transportation is less affected by climate and natural conditions, and has a large transportation capacity and a large load of single vehicles, it has advantages in the frequent and low-cost transportation. In addition, there are many types of vehicles, so that it can carry almost any Commodities can hardly be restricted by weight and volume, which are unmatched by road and air transportation.

  • Maritime transport

    Ocean transportation is one of the most important transportation methods in the international exchange of goods, and the proportion of cargo transportation in the total international cargo transportation is about 80%. It uses natural ocean passages, and the tonnage of ships is generally not limited, and it has the advantages of large transportation volume and low cost. However, shipping is restricted by geographical conditions and sometimes affected by seasons.

Transport capacity

1.Massive capacity

Link thousands of express logistics companies, products include small ticket, large ticket LTL, and network lines cover tens of millions, realizing one-point delivery nationwide.

2. Assemble multiple freight capabilities to provide authentic and reliable logistics services. If you have a more suitable logistics company, you can also use your own designated logistics company

3.Online Logistics Tracking

The logistics nodes are updated in time, and the cargo logistics tracking is visible throughout the whole process, so that the transaction between the sender and the receiver becomes more trustworthy due to logistics.

Transportation Steps

  • 1
    Compare And book

    Tell us some details about your TA order, then choose a quote from one of our providers, get instant quotes for multiple shipping modes

  • 2
    Upload documents

    We’ll let you know what documents you’ll need to provide for your shipment.

  • 3
    Track your order

    Monitor your shipment and our team of experts will help you resolve any issues that arise.