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  • 1. Fuerte compatibilidad
  • 2. Enfoque rápido y conexión rápida
  • 3. Reunión en línea clear image
  • 4. Audio claro cubre gran área
  • 5. Mejor calidad de imagen; Imagen HD 1080p
  • 181W
Shenzhen EasyN Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen EasyN Technology Co., Ltd



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Descripción del producto

Modelo: 181W-1080p Plug&Play; Conexión USB
Micrófono incorporado

Descripción del producto

1. Established in 1999, We have concentrated on home security products for more than 15 years.

2. As the first batch of ip camera manufacturer,  we supply complete wide range products and annual production capacity exceeding 800K pcs.

3. Simple and intuitive. We will keep focusing on the easy and connected way in home security products.

4. Your demand, every day, our 30 R&D and service staffs and 200 skillful workers deliver greater comfort to your OEM/ODM business.

5. National High-Tech corporation , and CE FCC RoHS ISO certificate. Our innovation technology and complete quality service will extend much further and deeper. We are always by your side.

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